It’s only been posted for a few hours, but take three minutes and eight seconds out of your day to view this new morsel of awesomeness from the power pop masterminds OKGo.

The new video is for the song “Upside Down & Inside Out” from their latest album, Hungry Ghosts.

Evidently, the band hitched a ride with Russian airline S7 to go all vomit comet in what appears to be a sustained dive similar to what NASA astronauts would do to simulate the effects of zero-gravity. Only, where NASA would fly in a parabolic arc providing periods of weightlessness, this looks to be one long shot resulting from sustained simulated zero-g. Wow.

The technique was earlier used in “Apollo 13” to simulate weightlessness on the aborted moon shot, but only for quick takes. This use from the band is dazzling and stupefying at the same time.

Trust me. Just do it. Forget jet packs – this is a true harbinger of the future we all wished we could live in.

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