It’s hard to recall that there was ever anything wrong with Pixar, but anyone who watched the short subject Tin Toy, which preceded the release of Toy Story by seven years, knows that the studio’s animators had a LONG way to go with figuring out how to render the faces of anything other than children’s playthings. Honestly, the hyper-realistic baby from that brief bit of animation way back in 1988 still kinda creeps me out, and if I had viewed this first at a much younger age I’m sure the negative effects would still be rattling around in my subconscious.

But by the time Pixar got to The Incredibles (my favorite Pixar movie so far), the studio’s animators had settled on a stylized but accurate framework within which they’d create human characters without trying to completely mimic live actors. It was clear the characters were human, but still cartoons. It struck a great balance that has set the standard for other animation studios doing the same thing.

So why not take a classic TV show, with well-known and universally recognizable live actors, and spin them the way they would look if it was somehow turned into a Pixar film? That’s just what artist Phil Postma has done with all your faves from the classic Star Trek TV series – and all as little more than a way to teach himself how to use Photoshop. Enjoy!

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