The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday, and along with my annual bout of angst over having seen very few of the nominated films, I was delighted to see that Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, made the cut as a nominee for best song.

Truth is, when you’re a father to young kids the opportunities to get out to the movies are few and far between. What you are guaranteed to see if you do go to the movies are those aimed primarily at younger moviegoers. As a result, I’m more familiar with the exploits of Gru and his three adopted daughters than of shady politicians and con artists (how do you tell the difference?) in American Hustle or endangered astronauts in Gravity.

The best song nomination has traditionally been kind of a garbage category, in which the academy throws an award bone to the cheesy song directors tack on to a movie as the credits roll to garner some extra promotion through radio play. Honestly, they usually make me cringe. Although my 1980s teen years make it obligatory that I be glad to see U2 in there this year.

But “Happy” (along with “Let it Go” from Frozen – another kid movie, incidentally) was integral to the plot and provided a great transitional element, not to mention a fantastic dance break. I’m guilty of embarrassing my daughter by dancing across the living room – not too poorly, I might add – whenever that part of the movie is on in our living room.

So get your Friday groove on and put yourself in a happy mood for the weekend with Mr. Williams. And if so inclined, feel free to dance around the living room a little bit, too. You’ll be glad you did.

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