After a Week Under the Weather, an Unrelated Complaint


Freelancing is a constant hustle for the new gig to both pad the revenue stream and have something to fill in the blanks should an existing client decide to bail or inexplicably run out of work for you.

I spent the last couple of days not feeling so well, so trying to gin up new work was about the only thing I was good for. And in doing so, I was reminded that people really have no concept of the fact that “artists” (a category that working freelance writers unfortunately fall under) are actually trained professionals deserving of pay on par with their similarly trained and experienced – but non-artistic – peers. Continue reading → After a Week Under the Weather, an Unrelated Complaint

Scene from a Window


Yes, this is what spring is looking like in southeastern Pennsylvania today. Not many distractions to lure me away from the desk, so much has been written. Not much novel work (well, none actually), but plenty of paying gigs addressed. And no shovelling. Not a bad day after all.