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2008 mug smirkingHere’s where you’ll find all things related to all the different hats I wear, from magazine journalist and freelance business copywriter to fiction writer and voice actor. If that sounds like a lot, you’re right! I stay pretty busy, but never too busy to talk to potential clients about how I can help them with my particular set of storytelling skills – both in print or by voice – or to engage with readers of my fiction. Feel free to poke around, click wherever you like and find out more about what I do and why I do it.

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What does nearly 30 years as a professional journalist get you? The chops to tell nearly any story for a wide variety of publications, including nationally recognized newspapers and magazines.


Write On Time LLC

Write On Time provides business and non-profit clients with high-quality, magazine- and newspaper-style writing; marketing, advertising, web and print copy; radio scripting; white papers; customer testimonials; ghostwriting; newsletter writing and editing; and social media management. Projects are priced out on a package basis, making it easier for you to budget without worrying about skyrocketing hourly billing.


Voice Acting

Whether you’re looking for video narration, voice over for TV or radio commercials, character voices, or a great audiobook interpretation of your published work, I’m your guy. I bring a fresh, energetic sound for those projects that require a fun, friendly, dad- or husband-next-door sound.

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Novel Pursuits

I write fun, fantastic fiction that’s described as the sort of thing that might result if  “Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, William Gibson and Robert Heinlein got together one night, had a few beers, started joking around and decided to collaborate on a book.” My first novel, Immaculate Deception, was published by Codorus Press in 2010. I’m working on the next novel, the first of a mystery/suspense/paranormal comedy series, called Mystery White Boy, featuring the unusual adventures of small-town newspaper reporter Bond DeLoach.


  1. Hi Scott,
    Really enjoyed your article about Ray. I went to see the display as a kid and always wondered who made it. Now, I take my sons every year. We take a picture with Bob and Tiny Tim; it’s like our measuring stick! Isn’t it amazing how the curmudgeons often have the most influence on some people. I too worked for a guy like Ray, rough and rude, but with a good heart. Nice article, thanks, Brian McKinney.

  2. Thanks, Brian. I actually added a little follow-up piece on my blog to accompany the Inquirer essay and give a little more perspective on Ray’s influence on my writing. Please check it out.

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